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MUST SEE VIDEOS, Documentaries, BOOKS:

Filmy i ksiażki, które warto przeczytać/ obejrzeć:

*Best books about Plant Based diet and its health benefits:

'The China Study' by Colin Campbell
 'Whole. Rethinking the science of nutrition" by Colin Campbell.
"How not to die" - Michael Greger.
'Completes Idiot guide to plant based nutrition'. by Julieanne Hever
'Spectrum'  by Dean Ornish

Another few authors to look up: Michael Klaper, Neil Barnard, Joel Fuhrman, John Mcdoughall. These are doctors, who treat their patients with plant based diets, reversing many common diseases incl. heart disease and autoimmune diseases.

*Best platform that collects science based researches on food and health run by Dr Michael Greger www.nutritionfacts.org

*Best documentaries/ videos on plant based diet and veganism:

"Forks over Knives (netflix)
Food Choices Documentary
What the Health - the newest
Eating you alive - the newest
Fat sick and neary dead (netflix)

...and one that I haven't watched yet as I am not brave enough to do it yet..it is "Earthlings", here is the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm7Babs_FJU


Dairy is scary - 5 min video on Dairy

Beyond Carnism great 20min Tedx Talk:

102 reasons to go Vegan - Lecture:

Best speech ever heard Gary Yourofsky: 

Are we design to eat meat?:

Why doctors dont recommend Veganism:


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