Najlepszy Pasztet z soczewicy/ The Best Meatless "Meatloaf" (PL/EN)

(PL) Ten przepyszny pasztet jest z portalu Jadlonomia.com, robiłam już kilka jego wersji, dzisiejsza to ta z żurawiną, ale bez żurawiny (niestety się skończyła). A link do przepisu poniżej, naprawdę polecam!

(EN) This is the most delicious Meatless "Meatloaf" or Veggie Loaf, absolutely tasty and rich in great flavours! Kids approved! The recipe is form fantatsic polish blog www.jadlonomia.com, the link to the recipe is below:

I am hoping the owner of the blog will soon add English language, so I can just copy and paste links to her recipes so you can try more of them as they are really intresting!

Here is my translation of the recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Ingredients (for 20cm x 11cm baking tin)

2 cups cooked green lentils
1 cup cooked millet
100ml of grapeseed oil
2 onions
4 tbs dried cranberries (I missed that step I ran out of cranberries :(
2-3 tbs soy sauce
2 bay leaves
2 cloves
2/4 tbs marjoram
a pinch of nutmeg
salt, pepper
1 tbs of coconut oil for frying


Preheat the oven to 180C. Precook lentils and millet - as per packaging instruction.
Chop onions, heat the oil in a pan, add onions, bay leaves, cloves. I added some soy sauce and covered it with a lid, cook on low heat, add bit of water if necessary. . When the onions are golden, remove bay leaves and cloves. This will leave really nice strong flavour. Place onion, millet, lentils, oil, soy sauce, all the rest spices in a blender and blend until smooth. Taste it and check if needs more salt. This will be already super delicious! Now you can use it as spread! But we are onto baked loaf so..follow these steps now. If you want, now add the cranberies and stir in with a spoon. Line the baking tin with a baking paper, place the mixture in the tin. Bake for 40-45min (top should be golden). Then let it cool in the tin, preferably overnight but this won't happen at my house! I served it with potatoes and peas. Bon Apetit!

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